I’m Zachary Kos, owner of Kos Technical Consulting. I’ve been utilizing technology to help organizations solve problems, improve efficiency, and gain insight for over two decades. My experience providing IT solutions in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, industrial automation, service, & retail provides a diverse range of knowledge to draw upon.

For the past decade my focus has been on full stack web development; creating, integrating, and curating internet and intranet applications which deliver great user experiences and add value to an organization.

Does your business have a unique set of functional or design requirements which are not being met by off-the-shelf offerings? Is your data trapped in a legacy application & not easily accessible? Are you starting a business and don’t know where to begin? If yes, I’d enjoy speaking with you.


Digital Agencies

I enjoy working with other developers and designers. I primarily utilize PHP server-side, Postgres or MySQL for data storage, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript client-side, but appreciate the opportunity to learn a new language or framework and solve interesting problems. If your agency needs additional resources to keep projects on schedule, or has a project requirement outside the skill set of your team, let’s talk.